Improving Quality of Life

It’s not news that as we age, we become less active. Our bodies are strongest when they are kept active. The detrimental effect of inactivity on our body as we become less active is that our systems, functions and movement begin to deteriorate, particularly our muscles and bones. That deconditioning places us on a slippery slope of becoming even less able function. Soon our ability to do the things that we love is compromised and our quality of life declines.

Exercise training can improve many systems of the body, restoring function and quality of life. With a personalised plan, it’s never too late to start, even if you’ve been inactive for years.

While the response of bone to exercise training takes time, improvements in quality of life occur rapidly as muscles adapt and strengthen much more quickly.

Our programs are not specifically designed to promote weight loss, however, we have observed that women often lose fat over time. This effect, in combination with the increase in muscle mass, has a very positive effect on overall health, appearance and quality of life.