Onero The evidence based exercise programme for osteoporosis.

What Is Onero?

Onero™ is an evidence-based exercise programme designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals. The evidence on which the Onero programme is based is derived from the findings of the LIFTMOR randomised controlled trial published in the JBMR.

The exercise protocol is targeted specifically to bone, being brief but high intensity. The Onero™ program is currently delivered clinically at The Bone Clinic in Brisbane, its affiliated training locations and through Licensees across Australia.

The ONERO programme is based on the outcomes of the LIFTMOR and MEDEXOP trials, published in the attached peer-reviewed publications.  Click here to view. 

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Why Join Onero™?

Onero™ is designed to be delivered by exercise professionals working with the ageing community. Learn to deliver the evidence-based exercise program for osteoporosis in a growing patient demographic. The self-paced online coursework in the Onero™ Academy is accredited by Exercise Science and Sport of Australia and recognised by Osteoporosis Australia.

The Onero™ Academy sets you up with an effective evidence-based exercise program for osteoporosis to access a recognised stream of clients required to expand your business.

Access The Onero™ Academy anywhere and anytime via a secure login. Complete the course in your own time. As soon as you have completed the course, you can commence applying it in your business. Included in The Onero™ Academy is a one hour lecture by Professor Belinda Beck that will explain the evidence that underpins the principles of Onero™ exercise training for osteoporosis. You will also learn other important client focused skills, such as how to read a bone density scan, setup your training space and monitor your clients.

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