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I saw this in New South Wales, I have 6 wedge fractures and I needed to do something. I’ve been here 2 weeks and am just thrilled and have confidence now what to do. Everything is targeted at young women, this is such a supportive environment for older women.

-Judy P. Blue Mountains

After I got such great results at Griffith and the LIFTMOR study - I just have to keep going. We have lots of fun and I just love it.

-Barbara, Southport

I’m an academic but never exercised. I’ve been only coming 6 weeks and the improvements have been amazing. The staff here are wonderful, not only friendly but encouraging but they are professionals. They can see when you do something wrong and they correct you immediately. Just try it! I can’t imagine anyone from benefitting from this.

-Orturn S.

Just by chance I come by an article and in that was an article of The Bone Clinic and the wonderful news that women are increasing their bone density. I came in for an appointment and have been coming for 10 months. I've regained muscle, strength and balance. It has given me a new lease of life.


I heard about The Bone Clinic and travelled to Brisbane. I have been going to the gym and walking. I have done some exercise classes and spoken to all the staff - its just wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and lovely and I know I can contact them if I need to.

-Glenys M. Mackay

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