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Exercise has been an integral part of my life since I remember. As a toddler I used to push my pram several kilometres before climbing in it to have a short rest. Over the years I have been a competitive swimmer and soccer player as well as recreational runner, karate athlete and a gym goer. These days I referee high level soccer, coach swimmers and still run and exercise regularly. These exposures have given me a fascination into how the human body moves and adapts and how to look after it.  I became an Exercise Physiologist not just because of my love of sport, but because I genuinely believe that exercise is medicine. After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2020, I’ve worked with people suffering from injuries, chronic musculoskeletal conditions and mental illnesses. I enjoy helping individuals from all walks of life and conditions while implementing evidence-based exercise prescription to enhance their quality of life and functional capacity. The Bone Clinic provides me with the opportunity to implement my passion to the fullest. Here I coach the Onero program to improve bone health and perform our comprehensive physical assessments that contribute to the ongoing program of research conducted at The Bone Clinic.

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