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Age 65.  Bone Medications – No.  Trained twice a week for 12 months.


Terry H. had an increase in her lumbar spine (LS) by 4.80% and an increase in her femoral neck (FN) by 1.80%. She went from a T-score of -4.17 to -3.80 in her spine and -1.86 to -1.76 in her hip.

Functional Outcomes

Terry improved her mobility by 20.17% measured via the sit to stand. Terry had an increase in lean muscle mass by 2.18% and reduced her fat percentage by 6.82%. In addition to this Terry’s degree of Kyphosis reduced by 3.68%. Terry increased her timed up and go by 14.12%. Her tandem walk time improved by 21.93% and her back extension strength by 8.20%.

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