Technical Term

Your dowager’s hump is technically called kyphosis or in some instances hyper-kyphosis if it is extremely pronounced. Kyphosis is likely to occur in cases of very low bone mass (osteoporosis), when the segments of the spine collapse. It also appears to be related to unhealthy discs in the spine. Our exercise program is designed to improve the health of your spine as a whole.


Denise H.

Many years ago I had accepted “well, this is it for me – there is nothing out there that could help me” – but how wrong I was. When I look in the mirror and see myself wearing the new clothes I just bought and that I can comfortably wear; I am so much happier with my straighter back. I have heaps more energy, motivation and my stretching is a whole lot better. I am entirely grateful for Lisa and her team by giving me the confidence to complete any of the physical challenges that they continually set and monitored and this continual drumming of “Denise, you can do this!” was enough to convince me to continue well past my 9m of exercise. When I started 8 months ago (August 2014) I would never have imagined the significant improvement I would see in my spine. And to think I exercise only twice a week for no more than 30 minutes. Because I am much stronger in my back I am able to move around with ease. I can go out and shop and drive my car without pain.

The improvement in my posture and the ability to be more mobile has given me a new lease on life. Even though I had 6 fractures in the thoracic spine and 2 in my lumbar spine, I still get compliments from my neighbours daily on just how good I look. Just even the way I walk is different.

Suzanne P

At the Bone Clinic, we see women and men like you with both mild and severe dowager’s hump who, after even a couple of months training, have been able to reduce their curvature, increase their height and, best of all, feel better about how their back looks and functions. Our clients consistently report they are no longer self-conscious about their appearance or posture, and can comfortably shop for clothes.

The women you see on this page, Sue, Denise and Wendy are real Brisbane women who had severe curvature of the spine before joining The Bone Clinic.

In about 9 months you can see how their dowager’s hump has been decreased significantly. They took no drugs and had no surgery. All they did differently was to attend our supervised exercise sessions for no more than 1 hour a week.


Targeted Exercise Program

All our clients come to our Clinic and receive our targeted evidence-based exercise program for dowager’s hump. The program lasts only 20-30 minutes a session, requires no running or skipping and it is completely supervised to ensure maximum safety when you exercise.
How do I start?

Typically, our clients come through via a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP), receive bone scans, baseline assessments with the Exercise Physiologist for osteoporosis risk factors and start their targeted exercise program to reduce improve the spinal posture.